exbreeding pomeranian

A Sad Goodbye To Sweet Philly

It is with sadness that we post this message tonight, earlier this evening we bid a final farewell to Philly weep

exbreeding pomeranian
Farewell Sweet Philly – 2004 approx to 6th September 2015

Philly was an ex-breeding Pomeranian bitch from a puppy farm, she arrived into our care in June 2013 very nervous, matted, underweight, limited vision and poor hind leg co-ordination.

She improved greatly healthwise after a few weeks but on account of her gimpy back legs, dicky heart, vision and old age mood swings we decided it was best she live out her remaining life with us.

Philly was roughly 9yrs old when she got out of the puppy farm, we have no idea how many litters of pups she had before being classified as surplus to requirements but we are happy that she got to spend the last two years of her life living in a house with a cosy bed, lots of time for pottering around outside, being groomed and most of all feeling loved & wanted.

We will miss the scratch at your leg to let you know she wanted something, the little wobbly dance she did when she heard her food being poured into her bowl and we will even miss the snarly yelp she would make when one of the other dogs would get in her way heart

Good night sweet “Philly Billy” it was a pleasure to have had you grace our lives  star

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