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We would like to acknowledge and thank the Department of Agriculture for the financial support awarded to us through their annual Ex-gratia Funding for Animal Welfare Organisations.


In 2016/2017 the manner in which charities were governed in Ireland changed with the emergence of the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA), only organisations registered with the CRA may refer to themselves as charities.

Burren Animal Rescue’s Charity number is 20100285.  In line with regulation we file an Annual Report each year which can be seen here:

Our full record with the CRA can be found here: Burren Animal Rescue

We are also an approved organisation with Revenue, our number is CHY 22555


We are compliant with the Regulations for the Sale or Supply of Pet Animals which commenced on the 1st of February 2020


sale or supply pet animals



HOW WE GOT TO WHERE WE ARE TODAY The first rescue goats arrived here in 2004 and due to “good news travelling fast” by the Autumn 2006 the calls from members of the public seeking assistance with goats they no longer wanted, had been dumped or were being cruelly treated, etc, started to become more frequent and it was becoming obvious that whether we liked it or not a goat sanctuary had been borne, so Sheena, who runs the Centre, took the plunge (after much convincing from others!!) and Armargos Goat Sanctuary was made “official” with the main aim being to provide a safe haven for all ‘domestic goats’ in need around the country…

Wooly Orphans There are similarities between goats and sheep so it was no great surprise when we were joined by orphan lambs and it was a welcome change to watch their antics as they grew and quickly became big and bold … in the nicest way possible of course

The Times They Are A Changing ……….

The past few years have seen Ireland go from a roaring economy to one of recession, our so-called “Celtic Tiger” has been reduced to a very “sickly kitten” which is having just as big an effect on our animals as on ourselves. As a result of the economic changes in people’s lives we found ourselves taking in a larger “variety” of animals so we changed our name slightly to Armargos Animal Sanctuary.

Ireland is awash with all sizes, makes & shapes of equines that people can no longer afford nor want to keep and as their monetary value has decreased dramatically due to the supply & demand becoming so greatly unbalanced that the calls to Burren Animal Rescue for help with equines increased 100 fold. The ‘equine crisis’ has actually lead to rescues and welfare groups all over the country getting calls from members of the public about abandoned and/or neglected animals during the summer months, the number of which usually would not previously have been the case until the middle to end of the winter season when people’s feed and grazing would have run-out.

A lot of owners are also contacting groups directly due to them finding themselves unable to afford feed, livery, farrier & veterinary care. These ‘once valuable’ creatures are now being found abandoned after organised sales, dumped in farms, bogs, woodlands, etc. Prior to the recession we took in equines in need of assistance on a few occasions but have had to increase our efforts due to demand, as of course as is the case with dogs and cats, they cannot all be saved BUT we will do our best for those we are contacted about whilst remaining fully aware and realistic of what our limitations & resources are.

Due to the recession rescues are also seeing a large reduction in donations towards their work on account of people having less “disposable income” and here obviously it was no different … As a result of this a “Poll” was done on the Facebook page to find out if people thought it would help build the Rescue’s support base/rehoming/fundraising if the name was changed – The result was a resounding “Yes” and so in August 2012 the name was officially changed to Burren Animal Rescue

So now that we have a more memorable name the focus has gone back to thinking of more ways in which the Rescue’s costs can be subsidised – If you would be interested in learning more about ways you can assist us checkout our Support Us and Sponsorship pages


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