Some of the herd enjoying the last days of summer 2016

We have a wide variety of equines available for adoption here, some of them have not had pleasant lives prior to arriving so may need more time to become confident and relaxed around humans.

Obviously in the majority of cases we do not know much about their capabilities upon arrival and during their recovery we concentrate predominantly on assisting their physical & mental needs as opposed to training them for riding, etc.  Once they are physically “ready, willing & able” for rehoming we can then turn our attention to working on their handling, training, etc.

There are times when it is just not possible to dedicate the necessary time to working with equines who need complete handling training, particularly youngsters, and so we are always grateful to receive offers of assistance from people who do have the time, space, patience & love to do it for us.

We are big believers in some of the “natural horsemanship methods” and combined with patience, reassurance & time have achieved remarkable success for the previously unhandled/mishandled equines who have find their way into our care. We do not ask to see certificates of any form of training, experience prior to you fostering/adopting from us … invariably we know within minutes of your arrival to see our equines whether you are the right match for whom you are interested in 🙂

Animals can sometimes be unpredictable.
Once you adopt an animal from us you are responsible for your own health & safety, as well as that of others and the animal itself.
We do not accept any responsibility for an injury to any person or damage to any property which may be caused by an animal you take from us.


So you want to adopt/foster one of our equines ….

  • Email / send us a message on Facebook / ring us and let us know what experience you have, where you are living, what facilities you have, what you are looking for, etc
  • A mutually suitable time will be made for you to come & visit the equine(s) you are interested in
  • A home visit to see your facilities, chat further with you, etc will be arranged (if you are a long distance from us it is sometimes advisable for the homecheck to be done prior to visiting us as it may then be possible for you to take the equine(s) with you the same day)
  • Contact details of your vet and farrier
  • You should read up on all existing equine regulations and ensure you are in compliance – we will request your Equine Herd/Premises Number for our files when you are adopting from us and/or fostering for us



Department of Agriculture Horse Flyer
Department of Agriculture Horse Flyer

Our Golden Rules ….

Ragwort leaves & flower
Ragwort leaves & flowers are highly toxic to equines
  •  We do not allow our ladies to be bred from under any circumstances.
  • Equines are herd animals – we do not adopt out an equine on its own unless you already have one which will keep it company
  • You must have secure fencing/boundaries – No barbed wire
  • Equines need access to shelter – natural shelter from trees, provision of field shelter, etc
  • Provision of sufficient fresh water
  • Ragwort control measures in place



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