Annie’s Itching For A Home :)

Annie’s itching for a place to call home

Annie is a 1yr old filly. Her mother was 15 hands and father said to be 16 hands so it is likely that Annie will reach 15 hands when fully grown. As she was hand reared (mother died at birth so Annie was brought here to be reared when she was only a few hours old) she has had a lot of human interaction so integrating her into the herd so she could learn how to actually be a horse was a slow process. Annie would benefit from a home with a few other horses (preferably a minimum of two) who would continue teaching her about grooming, horse play, horse etiquette, etc.

Annie is a very loving girl who could turn into an unruly teenager if spoiled too much so the more equine time she shares as opposed to human time the better at this stage of her development 🙂

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