Help With Our Facilities

Repairs at BAR

Winter 2015 was hard on us physically and mentally … our facilities were battered and we needed your help to carry out repairs.

The kennels did not get the funding required and so we continue to be unable to take in dogs but we did get the finances to purchase the materials needed to repair the barn.  Thanks to James Moroney the pillars were repaired and extended together with a partial height block wall on the main windward side to hopefully prevent future storm damage.  Sheena ended up doing the timber work and putting on the galvanise herself as no offers of help came for that unfortunately.  With just a general tidy up needed now before the first delivery of round bales for this winter the barn is as good as finished.  Here are some photos from start to finish:

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Original storm damage photos :/

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Our ‘survival list’ looked something like this –

  • Able bodied humans with fencing/building knowledge
  • A person/business who could donate fencing/building supplies
  • A person/business who could offer the use of a mini-digger
  • A person/business who could donate some gravel to create a hard standing area for storing/loading our hay
  • Someone who could rewire our poor old Ford 4000 tractor for lights and one or two other repairs she needs (all parts will be provided)

heartWith a little help we got a lot of the repairs done … with more help imagine what could be achievedheart


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