Colts in Need of TLC

These two 3yr old colts arrived into our care just as June 2013 was drawing to a close 🙁

ponylftrear5-7-13 ponyrgtrear5-7-13

Both had huge worm burdens which after dosing meant that this was all the bodyweight they actually had.

These ponies lived in a residential area on a main road on the edge of a Co Clare village ……

If you see or know of ponies, horses and/or donkeys in trouble PLEASE do not say to yourself “someone else will report them” … you are “someone” and if you care enough to notice them then you need to get help to them.

When these boys have sufficient weight on and the flies are in lesser quantities they will be gelded and looking for loving homes where they can restart their lives and never know hunger again <3




If you have a secure field where they could graze for a few weeks please contact us because at the moment we are restricted as to where we can put them due to needing to keeping them separated from the females here until they have been safely gelded.



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