The Adoption Information for our donkeys is the same as it is for the horses

Animals can sometimes be unpredictable. 
Once you adopt an animal from us you are responsible for your own health & safety, as well as that of others and the animal itself. 
We do not accept any responsibility for an injury to any person or damage to any property which may be caused by an animal you take from us.




Cria and Eeyore

Cria & Eeyore

Arriving into our care in the middle of October 2016 Cria was completely underweight, had a huge lice infestation and had grossly overgrown hooves.

Eeyore, her son, was not in as bad shape as his mother due to the fact that she was still feeding him so other than a worm dose and lice treatment we did not need to do anything immediate for him.

The farrier was called to sort Cria’s hooves and her lice treatment was commenced.  After their 21 days in isolation they were let out to the fields in order to help Cria rebuild her muscles and get her walking correctly.

Slowly but surely Cria’s weight has improved and Eeyore was gelded during the summer so they are now available for rehoming together (despite there being six other donkeys here that they could mix with they do not spend much time apart).

Eeyore has been gelded and both of them have been chipped and marked for passports.

If you would like any further information on Cria and Eeyore please contact us.

NB.  We do not allow any of our females to be used for breeding purposes.



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