February 2012


This month saw us bidding a very sad farewell to one with a beautiful soul …..

Star arrived to Armargos in September 2009 following a call from a concerned lady who had found her abandoned in East Clare. She had numerous wounds and was emaciated. After a number of months it became evident that there was something ‘not quite right’ with her recovery and so a number of veterinary tests were carried out.

Despite several tests, multiple ‘second opinions’ and a multitude of different medications/tonics Star never developed any body muscle, so much so that to many people she would have constantly looked like she was underweight. From time to time she would look like she was finally making progress only to have hopes dash when she would start regressing again.

Strangely enough Star normally looked far healthier in winter than in summer but in early January of this year she started on a downward spiral and on the morning of the 20th of February she was standing in the yard with her head held almost to the ground looking exhausted … that sparkle that would usually be in her eyes was gone and so I knew it was time ……………………. ;(

In Memory of Star – 2007 to 20-2-12

Since September 2009 you’ve graced my fields
Through thick and thin we stood side by side
Only five years of age you were far from one of life’s olds
So many times we took turns at being one another’s guide
Despite all expert opinions and efforts along the way
Not one could find what in your body was holding you back
Over the past few weeks I felt you needed for us farewell to say
I had promised I would always listen that my strength would not slack
So this morning when that tiredness in your eyes I saw
Just one last healing session between us we did share
Those moments will stay till my last breath I too do bare
Star, let me hear your hooves thunder over the heavens above
Shine down on me nightly and light my way with your love

RIP Sweet Girl :’(

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