Feel Good Week In February

What a week it has been and for the second time this month we find ourselves posting a message of thanks nice

Horse Ration Donated By Judy
Horse Ration Donated By Judy

Last Monday, 16th of February, Judy from Killaloe brought us a donation and also 6 bags of horse feed.

On Wednesday, 18th, we received a large donation of dog food which will see all the dogs in our care fed for at least one month.

Then yesterday, Saturday 21st, we were given two beautiful round bales of haylage from Fiacra in Barefield.

To receive such support & kindness gives us the warm feeling inside to help us keep going and know that we are not alone in our desire to continue helping those who have not got the voices to help themselves heart


We are hoping this ‘giving feeling‘ will continue on into March as on the 21st of March, Mary Galvin, one of our tried & tested supporters, is partaking in The Kube event taking place in Spanish Point.

If you would like to sponsor Mary you will find her on Facebook


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