We currently have the following goats in need of new homes:

Gertie approximately 5 months old

Gertie is a very friendly lovable little lady. If you do not already have another goat we would suggest you also rehome Martha from us as she has taken Gertie under her wing.

For more information please contact us

Martha is approximately 3yrs old

Although Martha is not fully convinced that she wants humans too “up close & personal” with her she does still follow you and is never too far away to hear a bag or bucket of feed being opened!!

Since Gertie arrived, much too our surprise, she has taken her under her wing and has formed a lovely bond with her, being of a dominant nature we were expecting her to hunt Gertie away … how wrong we were.

If you would like more information on Martha please contact us.


George & Mildred – 2 and 3 years old

This cute couple have only been with us a week but already we can tell you that they are very use to being handled, are very friendly and love feed time.

As they arrived together and are great friends we would like them to go to a home together.

If you would like more information on George & Mildred please contact us.

For information on the keeping of goats in Ireland please refer to the following sections on the Department of Agriculture’s website:



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