Animals can sometimes be unpredictable. 
Once you adopt an animal from us you are responsible for your own health & safety, as well as that of others and the animal itself. 
We do not accept any responsibility for an injury to any person or damage to any property which may be caused by an animal you take from us.


“Jack the Lad”

Jack is 15’2 in height

Having spent his life being ridden for lessons, hunting, etc Jack has reached the stage of “retirement seeker” at the age of 18+yrs old.

At some point in his life he had an accident in a horsebox which resulted in him needing veterinary treatment on his pelvis/left hip, despite this he continued to be able for being ridden but now is really only suited to very light use (walk/trot).

Of course he is also a good candidate as a companion to another horse.

Needless to say Jack is well handled, good to load, etc.

If you would like more information on this gent please contact us for more information.



Sky 5yrs old
Sky 7yrs old

Sky is 7yrs old and approx 15’2

Before you read any further about Sky please know that in an ideal world this girl would not be up for adoption as it was always Sheena’s intention to keep her but unfortunately with so many equines needing help she is being made available for adoption should an A+++ home enquire about adopting her.

Sky has not had any training for riding as of yet so she is still a ‘blank sheet’ for you to make your own.  She does not like to be rushed so natural/positive methods of training with patience & kindness will be required.

If you think you can offer Sky a home fit for royalty then please do contact us for more information.

NB.  As is the case with all our females we DO NOT allow them to be used for breeding



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