July 2012

July 2012

Busy, busy, busy … absolutely no rest for the wicked so far this year :/

The 8th of July saw a former rescue, a shetland by the name of Rasta, return to our care following an injury to his hip/pelvic area which is preventing him from walking properly … he has been prescribed with 6wks stable rest and all good healthy vibes you can spare would be appreciated as at only 5yrs old Rasta deserves many many more years of life but obviously if he does not recover it would be inhumane to leave him the way he is :’(

The 10th of July saw the arrival of Charlie, an 8wk old labrador cross pup. Sweet, playful little lad who loves children, he will be available for rehoming once he has had his been wormed, vaccinated, etc.

On the way home from work on Thursday evening the 12th of July Sheena got a call about two male kid goats, one of whom needed medical attention asap, who were up at the look out point at Glencolmumbkill in the Burren. As a result of this being only a few miles from home she went up to see them and sure enough one of them appeared to have a ruptured ulcer on his eye :/ Luckily the were both well used to handling so there was no problem getting them into the jeep and away to safey. Thanks must be given to the two ladies who spotted them on their way home from work and stayed with them until Sheena got there 🙂

The two boys, named Glen & Colm, were brought to Ballyhugh Veterinary Clinic the following day where Glen had the lens of his injured eye removed and both boys were castrated. Glen may need to have the remainder of his eye removed at a later date if the vet feels it is necessary to close it entirely but it was not possible to do this straight away because of the amount of infection present.

Late on the 16th of July, 3 abandoned ponies arrived …… it is often said that everybody loves/needs a ‘project/challenge’ to keep their hearts & minds active but ‘a’ is singular so I’m not sure what you could classify them as yet !!! Unfortunately for them the weather is not right at the moment for gelding them so they will have to remain confined from the others for several weeks and naturally it also means they need to be fed hay, etc in the meantime which rises the costs at a time of year when Sheena is trying to think of ways to raise funds for the ever nearing Winter season again :/

19th of July …. yes another soul needing help ….
Gabby is a beauty of a lurcher lady, reported to be around 9yrs old but her teeth would not suggest she is that old. At some point in her life this sweet lady suffered an injury to her front left wrist which was never treated … the result of this means that she does not have proper use of this leg and following x-rays at Armargos’ vets it will be decided whether the leg can be repaired or if it will need to be amputated 🙁 Any donations towards the costs involved in this can be either sent to Armargos or directly to Ballyhugh Veterinary Clinic, Tubber Road, Gort, Co Galway.

So we are not quite at the midway point of the year and we are FULL …..

Current Head Count Is As Follows:

2 kittens & 1 spayed cat
2 castrated kid goats
9 dogs
21 equines
Any Euro, bale of hay, bag of dog/horse feed, etc you can spare would be HUGELY appreciated 🙂

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