June 2012

June 2012

Two more farewells on the 21st of June ….. tears were shed on this occasion as one of those who left our care was Woody (the lurcher who was found in the Larchill Area of Ennis on the 29th of March).
Despite Woody being absolutely gorgeous in looks, loving, etc there were no home offers forthcoming for him and because he had a possible home who wanted him in the UK through Lurcher SOS it was decided that he should make the journey over so he could make a start on securing a loving, caring and patient home.

On the 14th of June farewell was also said to Merlin (collie pup), Hope (lurcher pup) and Buddy (wire haired terrier)
as they left Irish shores in the hope (no pun intended!!) of finding loving homes in the UK.

9th of June brought Gigi … a whippetx who is approx 1yr old – her arrival saw the need to get out all the potions & lotions for mange again :/

She is a happy go lucky young girl though so hopefully she will bounce towards health in a few weeks time so that her rehoming preparations can commence.

The 7th of June saw a slightly healthier new arrival thankfully 🙂
Jessie is a 6-7mth old german shepherd x lurcher who will already sit when asked.

The 2nd of June saw the arrival of a very neglected blue & white 17h gelding

At only 3yrs of age (as per research on his microchip number) there is absolutely NO excuse for this youngster to be allowed to to get into such an emaciated state 🙁

Unfortunately the microchip was not registered to his ‘present owner’ so it is unlikely that anyone will get even as much as a slap on the wrist for what they have allowed to happen to him BUT one thing for sure is that everything will be done to help get him back healthy & happy and he will receive all the love & attention he needs to wipe his memories of his past

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