March 2012

March 2012
Hells bells & cockle shells … summer in March ????

One day I will be ‘excommunicated from the planet’ for daring to suggest doing a Rain Dance …. my threat of doing one is currently on hold as at least the bright thing in the sky took a break on the 30th & 31st so the temperature is back down to my liking BUT still not a drop of rain so how much longer I will hold off from dancing I’m not sure with cracks akin to the Grand Canyon appearing in parts of the fields … don’t say I didn’t warn you all when the “raindrops keep falling on ‘your’ heads” 😉

Oh and just so you don’t think I’m being unreasonable I am obviously more than happy to settle for some night time rain 😉
Clearly the biggest issue with the ground being too dry is that the growth which had started in the fields has ceased and so I find myself back feeding the same amount of hay & ration that I was in December …… should you happen to be, or know anyone who is, finished feeding and still have hay/haylage left that you/they would like to donate to the less fortunate, though most deserving, mouths then don’t delay give us a call/email today.

Canine Crunchtime

Those of you whom would also be “followers” of Clare Animal Welfare, which Sheena was a member of, would be aware of the financial difficulties they have been under since early 2011. Well due to the lack of available funds Sheena had been predominantly ‘self-financing’ the CAW dogs, at the time no great thought was really put into it but by the end of 2011 it was becoming more & more difficult to continue fundraising for the two rescues, keeping the two websites up to date, answering queries/calls for two groups, etc …… so as from this month (in light of an emergency call about a dog to Sheena) it has been decided that any dogs that are in need of great assistance and need a place of safety will be assisted under the name of Armargos. Due to the costs of veterinary care – neutering/spaying, vaccinations, microchipping, etc – it is not envisaged that the number of dogs in the care of Burren Animal Rescue at any one time will be many BUT those that do will be given 100% of what they need & desire.

So above is a photo of the first “official” dog to enter under our care …….

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