These are just some of our present & past cases which will give you an idea of where your donations go:

Cria arrived into our care emaciated, heavy in foal & with a yearling at foot


Cria & her son Taz arrived into our care in November 2012 after being seized by the Guards and a Department Vet on commonage.
Both of them were underweight and had HUGE worm burdens … Taz it would appear had never been handled prior to them being seized.
Sadly just four days after their arrival Cria threw the filly foal she had been carrying, whereby we knew there was a chance this could happen because of how underweight Cria was and the fact that Taz was still nursing from her in order to survive it was still a very sad sight to see them both standing mourning her loss 🙁




Joey, 6mth old whippet lurcher pup


Joey arrived into our care after being seized due to him being underdeveloped, mangy & emaciated 🙁

A sweet little boy who was only around 6mths old … nothing he could have done gave reason for the condition he was in … :/

Recuperating a pup can be quite a challenge as every time you think they are starting to put on weight they take a bit of a growth spurt and so end up looking skinny again. The slowest part of Joey’s recovery was building his muscles but eventually bit by bit they started appearing.

At the time of writing this, 9-12-12, we are glad to say that Joey is looking 100% better and we hope that by the end of January we will be able to get him neutered so he will be ready for adoption 🙂


More stories coming soon

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