September News

New arrival of the month has to go to Luke, a beauty of an Irish Sports Horse. Due to a very bad fall which resulted in him needing treatment on his front left knee at UCD around 12mths ago he is no longer able for jumping but so far no lameness has been noticed so he will possibly be fine for light hacking.

September puts the brain & body into overdrive in many households due to the financial strains of getting the kids back to school on top of all the normal day to day bills ….. here at Burren Animal Rescue it also kickstarts the brain bashing sessions of trying to think of the fundraiser plan to raise the costs of hay for the equines for the ever nearing winter … if you are, or you know someone who is, having a ‘special’ birthday or getting married, etc then perhaps you might like to ask that instead of gifts people might consider donating to us instead ???

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