Humbled at the Year’s End

total raised in hay appeal

As the final minutes of 2018 pass by we are very humbled by the generosity of all our supporters who this year went beyond all others … here is Bobby with the final total At present we are paying €1,700 per 38 bales delivered so the hay appeal funds should cover our hay costs until … Read more Humbled at the Year’s End

First Hay For New Year

This morning the weather gods were good to us by allowing the sun to shine for the arrival of our first hay delivery of the New Year.  Mind you I don’t think the gang here really care what the weather is doing when they see the hay laden lorry arrive but their “human slave” was … Read more First Hay For New Year

Strangles Medical Appeal

Is the end in sight? A few final hurdles for us to jump and then we should be able to go back to business as usual at the rescue …. again we find ourselves needing to ask for your help. Rather than just declare ourselves re-open now that our quarantine period is over we want … Read more Strangles Medical Appeal

No End to Ireland’s Horse Crisis

The past 12 months have been without a doubt the busiest for the rescue since the start of Ireland’s economic downturn which saw the huge rise in the amount of unwanted, neglected and/or abandoned horses, ponies & donkeys all over the country.

Billy ... discarded racehorse
Billy … discarded racehorse


The calls to all rescue groups who assist equines in need have yet to show signs of reducing.  Resources are stretched to limits none of us thought possible.  The frequency of adoption enquiries whereby holding steady are just not meeting the demand for spaces which is leaving rescues with no choice but to start exercising the word “No” more often than before.

Read moreNo End to Ireland’s Horse Crisis

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