WB Yeats

Very Sad Start To The New Year

It is with sadness in our hearts that we write this post to say that WB Yeats, aka Dubby, died on Saturday (2nd January 2016)  🙁

WB Yeats
WB Yeats

Dubby suffered from Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL) which causes swelling, infections and deformities in the legs.  There is no cure for CPL and all you can do is try out different treatments to create a management structure around controlling it, we found that turmeric mixed into Dubby’s feed together with clipping his legs and making up a combination wash & ointment when his legs oozed was what worked best for him.   His right hind hoof regularly suffered with thrush and the hoof wall was weak, these were linked to the CPL so again all we could do was deal with each outbreak as it occurred.

leg&hoof swollenhindlegsWhereby we knew Dubby was not going to live as long a life as one would expect for a Clydesdale we did not think he would go without us seeing any obvious signs of stress or pain.

At the end of the day we are grateful that he at least got to have some painfree time in our care.

We would like to thank Liam, Liz & Aine from Ballyhugh Veterinary Clinic for their kindness on Saturday.

Run fast & free at the other side Dubby “Our Gentle Giant” heart


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