Winter 2015 Storm Damage

storm damageOn the 15th of November ex-hurricane Kate started the damage to our facilities … since then we have had top up damage from Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Eva, Frank and now Gertrude.

Our dog kennel facilities are no longer fit for use and we have requested assistance from other rescues to take the remaining 5 dogs on the grounds of their health & safety.

dog run panels all over the place 15-11-15The cattery, which was only built in the summer, lost its roof and so we can not take in any more cats until that has been repaired.  Thankfully the cats that were in the cattery had been moved into Sheena’s house a few hours before the roof was torn off so there were no injuries to them.

Our hay barn can only store 18 round bales so 20 bales from each delivery are covered with tarp in a sheltered area until they are needed … this area is now unusable and a cleaner area will have to be created.

bale holding area 31-12-15In short WE NEED HELP ………. we are only half way through the winter and as things stand we will only make it the rest of the way through with your support.   Our ‘survival list’ looks something like this –

  • Able bodied humans with fencing/building knowledge
  • A person/business who could donate fencing/building supplies
  • A person/business who could offer the use of a mini-digger
  • A person/business who could donate some gravel to create a hard standing area for storing/loading our hay
  • Someone who could rewire our poor old Ford 4000 tractor for lights and one or two other repairs she needs (all parts will be provided)

In return for helping us you will get to experience the feel-good feeling from knowing you have helped us continue helping them BUT should this not be enough we can also offer fallen trees for firewood or website creation/updating, business administration assistance or basic computer training via Admin to Websites !!

Please share this post or our Repair BAR page with anyone & everyone you think could/would help us.

Thanks for reading what is probably our last post of 2015 … Happy New Year to you all 🙂


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