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We offer animals a place of solace to aid recovery,

space to aid mental rehabilitation,

friendship to aid trust and patience to aid learning.

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We cannot change the life of every animal in need BUT we will do everything humanely possible to give those that do come into our care the fearless, happy, loving lives they truly deserve.

We believe in “Quality Not Quantity” – Every animal that comes into our care deserves to receive the full attention they require in order to reach the rehoming stage.


Rescues have limited resources, particularly volunteer run rescues, therefore if you know of an animal/animals suffering cruelty or neglect you can make a report to the Department of Agriculture’s dedicated helpline to report incidents of Animal Cruelty – 01 607 2379 / 0761 064 408 or email animalwelfare@agriculture.gov.ie


If you come across an animal in immediate need of help and you cannot contact a rescue that is in that area then you should call the guards.  The contact details for Garda Stations in Clare can be found here or you can get details for every station in the country on the Garda website