Muchas Gracias

Thank You :)
Thank You 🙂

So often we have sad stories to tell but this time we are writing to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU 🙂


We are delighted to say that on Saturday 27th of September we were the beneficiaries of two different fundraisers –

  1. One of our much appreciated regular supporters, attended a carboot sale and rose €73.00 for the animals in our care – big thanks to Sarah Hassall 🙂
  2. We were invited to attend the fundraiser In Memory of Ruth Marshall at the Cobblers Rest in Bodyke in East Clare where we received €625.00 from the generous people who attended – big thanks to Sarah Whelan and also to Amanda Flowers rep for Carr & Day & Martin 🙂

    Carr & Day & Martin Products
    Carr & Day & Martin Products


As a result of these two events we are in a position to order another delivery of hay for the horses 🙂 🙂


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