“One Man’s Rubbish Is Anothers Treasure”

"Ned of the Shed"
“Ned of the Shed”

On the 6th of June we discovered that a donkey stallion with overgrown hooves had been dumped here in the early hours of the morning … the people dumping stallions onto a property with mares, some of whom have foals at foot, really have no level of intelligence at all … it is an absolutely mindless act :/

In any event, as this is supposed to be a ‘happy’ post, on the 20th of June “Ned of the Shed” had his last trip out & about as a stallion … yes he went to visit the gang at Ballyhugh Veterinary Clinic and so just a few hours later he was back in our care having been transformed into a gelding   🙂

Okay I know for any males reading this post you are wondering how we can put the term “happy post” and “gelding” into the one sentence .. don’t worry that was not the “happy” bit of the story 😉

On the 2nd of July Ned had a visit from someone who was looking for a companion for his donkey and upon seeing Ned he felt that he would be a perfect friend for his ‘cheeky bored’ youngster.

So on the 6th of July Ned was brought to his new home, which as the crow flies is probably less than a mile from us, … when leaving him he was happily grazing with his new buddy Donal 🙂

Not bad going …. a lovely new home and lovely new owners for a donkey who was, just one month previous, unwanted & neglected by his previous owner who thought so little of him they put him in through one of our fences in the night ……. As the saying goes “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”

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