proposed facilities plan

Coronavirus has brought us back to uncertain times, adapting to social distancing, lack of job security, financial worries, etc but we want to assure you that we will do what we can to help you and your animals.

Whilst we are not currently open for people to come and see the animals we have in our care in the way we use to we are trying to formulate a plan as to how we can enable this to happen again by creating a viewing/holding area.

At our last committee meeting, we had proposed doing a fundraising drive this year to raise money for a training and holding/viewing area, but now with the financial worries connected to the Coronavirus it seems doubtful that we would be able to raise the costs for all of this.  However, with your help we could still achieve the viewing/holding area which would enable us to continue rehoming animals which would ensure we have space to help those who will need our assistance due to their owners no longer being in a position to keep them.

proposed facilities plan

The only materials needed would be fencing materials, a lorry load of gravel to create a turning/loading area and a digger with driver for a day.  The red area at the bottom right corner of the drawing is where the entrance gate is so people could simply come in the gate, see the animal(s) they are interested in, chat with us from a safe distance, etc.  All rehoming paperwork, etc would be done digitally.

As regards homechecks we are working out the details of how we can proceed with them but as they are outdoor checks we would hope this will not be a major stumbling block because face to face contact is not necessary and we would time it in with a necessary journey for shopping, etc so that we are operating within the current guidelines for going out & about.  Having said that it may not be possible for us to arrange homechecks too far from our base of Clare/South Galway but time will tell as resources may change. 

We want to be able to do as much as we can to help people out during this stressful time and with your help we can do that.  You can financially donate in different ways:  clicking on either of the iDonate or Paypal buttons at the top of our website, sending us a donation via Paypal to or to our bank account

It is not long since the death of the Celtic Tiger and indeed some of us were still just getting back on our feet from all the cutbacks that brought to our doors.  We know the influx of calls we had during the worst months of the recession saw us more than double the number of animals in our care, some of whom are still at the rescue waiting for homes to call their own, and now the Coronavirus pandemic has job losses back in the news.

If you or someone you know needs help with their animals please know that you can contact us in the strictest of confidence and we will do our best to provide assistance.

Obviously we are not invincible or immune to the virus ourselves so if/when a time comes that we are out of action for a while we will put you in contact with an alternative organisation.

Take care of yourselves, together we will reach the light at the end of this tunnel.



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