Busy, busy, busy

Apologies for the lack of website updates but life here is hectic

Mayer’s outline leaves us with no doubt that she had a secret she kept from us when she arrived

A few equines have gone to new homes though not as many as we would like … our daily headcount is 31 and with at least two pregnant mares here & a new gelding arriving next week that number is going to increase.

We are currently going through around 220 square bales of hay a month at a cost of €4.25ea so any assistance you can give us would be very gratefully received.

These past few months have shown that the “equine crisis” in Ireland is far from over, in fact if anything it has gotten worse 🙁  Calls about starving, deceased, neglected horses are an ongoing occurrence and sadly as we are only a very small organisation we are unable to help all of them on account of already having so many in our care which is leading to us having to say “no” to any that are not ‘extremely urgent’.

If you have the time & experience to do some handling work with some of our smaller youngsters it would help increase their chances of adoption which would in-turn help to reduce our numbers so that we could free up space to help more …..

Other ways you can help would be to perhaps organise some fundraising for us to help with our ever increasing costs, ask anyone you know with hay/haylage if they have any that they feel they would donate or sell to us cheaply, share our Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/BurrenAnimalRescue to increase the chances of rehoming, supporter assistance, etc.

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