Feel Good Week In February

What a week it has been and for the second time this month we find ourselves posting a message of thanks Last Monday, 16th of February, Judy from Killaloe brought us a donation and also 6 bags of horse feed. On Wednesday, 18th, we received a large donation of dog food which will see all … Read more Feel Good Week In February

“Hay … You Can Help”

Another summer over, it in fact ended earlier for us than ever before when we found ourselves having to start feeding our winter hay to the herd on Saturday the 31st of AUGUST …. big change from last year and one that will cause our feed spend to increase dramatically :/ For this reason we … Read more “Hay … You Can Help”

Fodder Crisis

No doubt you have all heard about (sick of hearing about) the fodder crisis across Ireland ……. well it is not just the farmers who are feeling the pain and worry …… Today is the 1st of JUNE and we are still feeding hay to the horses :/ Sadly the lack of grass growth has … Read more Fodder Crisis

Busy, busy, busy

Apologies for the lack of website updates but life here is hectic A few equines have gone to new homes though not as many as we would like … our daily headcount is 31 and with at least two pregnant mares here & a new gelding arriving next week that number is going to increase. … Read more Busy, busy, busy

March 2012

March 2012 Hells bells & cockle shells … summer in March ???? One day I will be ‘excommunicated from the planet’ for daring to suggest doing a Rain Dance …. my threat of doing one is currently on hold as at least the bright thing in the sky took a break on the 30th & … Read more March 2012

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