Tiny new equine arrival at BAR

Megan is a 9h-10h pony who arrived into our care along with a number of other small inbred ponies who were being neglected by their owner.

Megan is around 3yrs old and around 9-10h
Megan is around 3yrs old and around 9-10h

Upon arrival Megan was underweight, worm bound, had lice and rain scald. She is a nervous pony who has most likely never been handled properly in her 3yrs of life 🙁

In April we became suspicious that Megan, despite her physical condition upon arrival, was in foal and as the weeks went on we were left with no doubt that this was the case. On Father’s Day, the 16th of June, she produced what is undoubtedly the smallest ever equine to be in BAR’s care …

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