Pig Tails Not Fairy Tales

Dora exploring

So much goes on in the rescue, particularly from October to April with the weather, extra feeding, increased cruelty calls, etc, that we suddenly realise we have forgotten to tell you an item of news! At the end of January we received 3 new arrivals in the shape of pot belly pigs and they have … Read more Pig Tails Not Fairy Tales

Recognition Gratification

Clare SPCA held a presentation evening on Monday 16th February, at the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis which was attended by their own members, veterinary practitioners, animal rescue volunteers from various Clare organisations, the ISPCA, groomers, etc. It was an honour, albeit embarrassing, for Sheena to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers in recognition of … Read more Recognition Gratification

Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013

New animal welfare legislation introduced

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney has said new legislation on animal welfare which came into effect today, outlines in clear legal terms the responsibility people have when they own an animal.

The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/media/migration/animalhealthwelfare/legislation/AnimalHealthandWelfareAct060314.pdf includes provision for increased powers for authorised officers to investigate complaints of animal cruelty, and stricter penalties on convictions.

New penalties for convictions include powers granted to a judge to ban a person from owning an animal and a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Read moreAnimal Health & Welfare Act 2013

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