“Take Them In & Fix Them Up”

There reaches a time in everyone’s life where one has to say “enough is enough” and running a rescue is no different. Sadly for the animals who are out there needing/hoping for help we cannot be of assistance for reasons such as:

• We are full to capacity
• Despite the wide variety of equines we have available for adoption we are not receiving any offers of homes
• We are not in a position financially to increase our workload
• We do not have the physical strength to do more than we currently are

So right now we are adjusting our position to help us find our way back to the happy medium of being able to help others without endangering the health of the animals already in our care or ourselves.

Our first step to achieving this is to increase the chances of our existing equines to getting homes by appealing to people to offer their training/handling services in exchange for the “feel good factor” they will get in knowing they helped an equine get the loving home it deserves.horsetraining

As previously mentioned we do not unfortunately have facilities for training/handling at the rescue so it would be necessary for the equine to learn their new skills elsewhere for the time being.

Our second step is very much related to our first step in that we wish to raise some funds or donate building materials to create a training/handling area at the rescue. The funds/materials could be sponsored by a company or group of friends, etc … feel free to put on your thinking caps 🙂

We have lots of other steps in our heads after one & two but they cannot come to fruition unless we are successful with this much first.

We can “take them in & fix them up” but without your help our abilities stop there

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