“Take Them In & Fix Them Up”

There reaches a time in everyone’s life where one has to say “enough is enough” and running a rescue is no different. Sadly for the animals who are out there needing/hoping for help we cannot be of assistance for reasons such as:

• We are full to capacity
• Despite the wide variety of equines we have available for adoption we are not receiving any offers of homes
• We are not in a position financially to increase our workload
• We do not have the physical strength to do more than we currently are

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Thanks To The Businesses Who Support Us

We will add to this list from time to time and also intend making a page on our website to give publicity to those businesses who even in these recessionary times have helped us help the animals in need   Equestrian Discount – www.equestriandiscount.com E-whizz electric bike rental and tours – https://www.facebook.com/electricbikesireland?ref=ts&fref=ts Baileys Horse Feeds … Read more Thanks To The Businesses Who Support Us

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