Busy, busy, busy … but nothing new there!!!

Some news we had not yet gotten around to sharing with you on the website so now seemed as good a time as any to give you updates.

Hillary & Florrie

On the 22nd of March we had a little arrival which brought some much needed cheer at a stressful time …

Hillary, who arrived in August last year, finally gave birth to a beautiful little filly who we named Florrie as spring was blooming all around us  heart

Florrie does her very best to keep her mother on her toes and we are still wondering if she sees herself as a future candidate for showjumping or racing with the pace she flies around at, purposely lining herself up to have to jump a log or pole on the ground!!



Checking Out Jack From Other Side of Fence


We welcomed Jack to the rescue in April, having spent most of his life being ridden for lessons, shows & hunts, etc he has now reached his retirement years.  The ladies all pulled in their stomachs and stood up straight on seeing him arrive, much to the disgust of the boys already here.




Louise, who does a super job running our online tack shop, has been extra busy the past few weeks organising our first ever summer draw.   The proceeds from the draw will be going towards our veterinary bills.  As always there are great prizes on offer and the winners will be drawn on the 31st of July.


Bobby (lft) & Twink (rgt)

The latest two equine arrivals are Twink and her 1 year old son Bobby.  These two have been well loved and handled, not surrendered for rehoming through any fault of their own.

A few days after they arrived the vet came to geld Bobby and he was a real star getting his sedation.  Both of them were also microchipped and marked up for their passports.  They will both be available for rehoming very soon.


On the 17th of July we had a call from a lady who found a cat in Athenry which needed medical attention.  She kindly brought the cat to Ballyhugh Vets in Gort and following examination the vet rang us to inform us that the tips of the cat’s ears were cancerous.  The next day the vet removed the affected parts of the ears and after one more night of observation we collected him and brought him back to the rescue.  So far his recovery is going well and we hope he will soon forget about being camera shy so that we can introduce him to you.

Last but not least we would like to say a very very big thank you to Stiofán for donating 22 large bales of hay to us which were delivered on the 24th of July.  The gang were very impressed and got tucked in before it vanished into the haybarn shy

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